We are a firm of lawyers with complementary backgrounds and areas of practice. We are united to offer our clients individual expertise in the form of personalized services. We provide pragmatic and innovative support to individuals and companies in all circumstances. Our vocation is to express our customers’ ideas and bring their projects to fruition. We welcome you to our offices in the dynamic center of Renens.

Thanks to our wide-ranging expertise, we are able to support both Swiss and international clients in our many areas of specialization.

Our values

We systematically favor the approach dictated by circumstances, whether contentious, amicable or innovative. Our fighting spirit and perseverance are the cornerstones of our business. We effectively safeguard your interests, whatever the timeframe, and whatever the context, whether in legal proceedings or counseling services.

Of course, we’re human. Our strength also comes from the people who make up VOX Legal. We believe in benevolence, which we strive to promote in our practice.

Because we know that legal issues are often complex, worrying and uncertain, responsiveness is one of our top priorities in order to provide a welcome degree of serenity and predictability. Thanks to the availability of our lawyers and our efficiency, your questions are dealt with quickly and within budget.

We love a job well done. We strive for excellence in every task, and are only satisfied when we exceed our customers’ expectations.

We are convinced that efforts are always rewarded.

We value creativity and innovative approaches. We are not afraid to take risks, while assessing the situation to ensure that our customers’ interests are not compromised. We keep our costs as low as possible, without neglecting quality, which remains paramount in our field, where every detail whether of form or substance counts.

The bond of trust that binds us to our clients is indispensable and one of our top priorities. In this sense, our collaboration implies on both sides the hindsight and critical eye necessary to maintain an overall vision at all times, because every detail counts.


VOX Legal is a partnership made up of the following entities: i) Oppliger Avocats SA, ii) VL Counsels Sàrl and iii) Lino Maggioni.

Oppliger Avocats SA is made up of the following partners: Marie-Laure Oppliger Mattenberger and Yann Oppliger. VL Counsels Sàrl consists of the following partners: Philippe Grivat and Alexandre Osti. Finally, Lino Maggioni, a partner at VOX Legal, works as an independent.