Criminal law and road traffic

Whatever your status in criminal proceedings (defendant, victim, witness, etc.), it is imperative to be able to assert your rights so that the truth can be revealed to the authorities, and even to public opinion, both of which can take on the appearance of “hellish machine” you have little or no influence over it.

In addition, criminal law is sometimes so closely linked to technical issues (psychiatric expertise, autopsy reports, corporate liability, economic crime) that magistrates themselves have to call on experts, who cannot, however, take the place of the judicial authority.

Whether your case involves offences under the Criminal Code or other federal, cantonal or communal regulations, our team will ensure that you play an active part in the investigation and in the gathering of evidence, that you keep a critical eye on the investigation and judgment carried out by the authorities and, last but not least, that you plead your case, whatever it may be and whatever you are accused of or wish to denounce, so that your voice is heard and, above all, listened to attentively.

In road traffic matters, our team also reacts quickly and conscientiously to any decisions that may be taken by the criminal and administrative authorities (temporary driving bans, withdrawal of admonition or security, etc.).