Our lawyers usually charge between CHF 350.00 and CHF 500.00 per hour, depending on the complexity, urgency and importance of the case or the result obtained. All rates are exclusive of VAT.

Transparency is essential if our customers are to retain control of the amounts involved in their case. That’s why, when setting a retainer, our lawyers make every effort to inform their clients as precisely as possible about the services included in the retainer, as well as any additional costs to be expected.

We also can be creative in our pricing models, as hourly rates do not necessarily lend themselves to all situations. We are open to alternative methods of remuneration, such as lump-sum payments or fees that are partially dependent on the judgment or settlement obtained (pactum de palmario). However, fees that are purely proportional to the outcome of the case (pactum de quota litis) are prohibited under Swiss law.

In the event of a complicated financial situation, you can apply for legal aid in the event of legal proceedings. In such circumstances, you need to fill in a form, attach all the required appendices and hand it over to the lawyer of your choice. We will, of course, be happy to help you do this.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the pricing details of your project.