20 February 2024

The EU AI Act is near !

The Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection of the European Parliament has adopted the AI Act on February 13, 2024. It will be submitted for a plenary vote, which is, for now, schedul…

13 February 2024

Rolex vs Artisans de Genève: hour for reckoning for the customization of trademarked products

From the iconic Alpha Giulia revisited by Totem automobili to the multitude of artists painting on Louis Vuitton bags and Levis jeans, the personalization of trademark products is on a roll. The Swiss…

Intellectual property
30 August 2023

The revised DPA comes into force on September 1st!

The long-awaited revision of the Federal Data Protection Act (“DPA”) comes into force this Friday. Contrary to what we often see when legislation is passed, this revision does not provide …

Data protection
9 April 2023

Lindt vs Lidl: can we monopolize the Easter bunny?

With the Easter season upon us, it’s time to take a look back at the recent ruling by the Swiss Federal Supreme Court ordering the Swiss subsidiaries of the German retail giant to destroy their …

Intellectual property
31 August 2022

Should artificial intelligence creations be protected?

Artificial intelligence (” AI “) is increasingly present in our lives. This technology is poised to revolutionize the world of advertising and even art [1]. Even more incredible, AI could …

2 February 2022

What are NFTs (legally)?

Whether you are into new technologies, arts or simply following the news, you have almost certainly heard this acronym. NFTs seem to be everywhere and sometimes are sold for amounts beyond most people…